Shannon Tweed promotes SPCA ahead of wedding
Television celebrity Shannon Tweed is asking people to consider making a donation to the Saskatoon SPCA instead of buying her and Gene Simmons a wedding gift.

"DID NOT REGISTER 4 R WEDDING.WE R ASKING PEEPS 2 GIVE," Tweed said on her Twitter account Thursday, suggesting the Saskatoon SPCA could use a donation. She added "WE HAVE ENOUGH CHINA!"

Tweed grew up in Saskatoon and is engaged to marry her long-time partner Gene Simmons, the famed rock musician, in October.

Tiffiny Koback, the director of the shelter, told CBC News that Tweed's promotion was unexpected.

"We had no idea that this would happen and we're quite honoured and thrilled about the whole thing," Koback said. "It's news to us. But fantastic news. And we're quite excited about it."

Koback said that Tweed visited the SPCA briefly in July and contributed to a silent auction fundraiser and made a donation to the shelter.

Tweed's family in Saskatchewan also adopted a dog.

Koback said the twitter note had only just been made Thursday, so she did could not say if it had led to any donations.

However, she noted the wedding was three weeks away and the SPCA would be monitoring to see how they benefit from the celebrity endorsement.

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