Things You Didn't Know About Shannon & Sophie

You see this pair of rock royalty every week on the hit show Shannon & Sophie and you’ve come to know them inside and out. They wear their hearts out on their sleeves. But there are a few things about these two that may surprise you. Here are 10 things you didn't know about our favourite mom-daughter duo.

1. Soap Star 
Remember the 1980s soap opera Falcon Crest? Think Dynasty or Dallas: the hair, the fashion and the drama. Shannon starred in that show, playing Diana Hunter. Later in her career, Shannon appeared in Days of Our Lives

2. Playboy Star
Shannon is best known for history with Playboy but did you know that she was rejected by the magazine three times? Shannon finally got her break on the Canadian reality show Thrill of a Lifetime. It was a series that allowed everyday people to live out their dreams. Shannon eventually went on to become Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1982. 

3. Shannon and Stage Fright
You wouldn't be able to tell be watchingShannon & Sophie every week but the matriarch of the Tweed-Simmons clan has stage fright. "I kind of have stage-fright as myself – not when I’m playing a character," she is quoted as saying. 

4. Miss Ottawa Valley 
Did you know that Shannon was a Miss Ottawa Valley? She was also the third runner up in the 1978 Miss Canada pageant and won the Miss Canada talent competition for singing! Talent and beauty surely does run deep in this family. 

5. Spanx or No Spanx?

The answer: "NO SPANX EVER," she tells us. A woman after our own hearts! Read 30 Questions with Shannon Tweed here.

6. Sophie Hasn't Had a Drink
In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Shannon tells reporter Jim Sloteck that Sophie and her brother Nick don't drink. "They’re 21 and 25 and they haven’t drank yet," she says. "I think Nick had a bourbon once just to look cool. And that’s it; they don’t seem to want to. I did everything under the sun." 

7. Matching Tattoos 
Shannon and Sophie have matching blue maple leaf tattoos! "She helped me get it because I was only 17 and she had to lie to the tattoo artist that I was 18," Sophie tells the Toronto Star. Rebellious and purely Canadian – two things we love!  

8. Sophie on Body Image 
Sophie is working on a book about body image. The book will include interviews with doctors and celebrities. "She always taught me to just embrace my body, " Sophie says of her mom. "I'm taller than most people and I'm going to be bigger than most people. That's just my size." 

9. Sophie's Place
Only 21 and Sophie Tweed-Simmons has a charity under name! Sophie's Place is an advocacy centre for children who have been abused. "It's really important that kids can have a place to go 
where they can be taken seriously, and where they can express what's happened to them in a safe environment," Sophie is quoted as saying on the charity's website

10. Rapid Fire with Sophie

Favourite Food? Broccoli. Pet peeve? Spit. Mascara or eye-liner? Mascara. For more rapid fire questions and answers, click here 

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