Shannon and Sophie TV Show

Sophie Gets a New Place

Episode 1 | Season 1

When Sophie walks in on her parents making out, it's bad enough.  The fact she's with a date?  Much worse.  It's time to move out of the family home... for good.  Sophie and best friend Rachel start their search for the perfect place - and Shannon can't suppress her need to help her daughter.  But is it helping, or micro-managing?  Sophie makes it clear that this is something she wants to do on her own, leaving Shannon feeling sidelined.  When the house hunt goes disastrously wrong, will Shannon come to the rescue?

Sophie Goes to Nashville

Episode 2 |  Season 1

A series of dreadful song writing sessions in LA leave Sophie without any new material.   Meanwhile, Shannon's hair extensions are falling out and every decent hair salon in Beverly Hills is booked.  To solve their respective predicaments, they head to Nashville so Sophie can write some new songs and Shannon can get some new hair.  But after iconic rock n' roll manager Doc McGhee gets his hands on a copy of Sophie's latest LA demo, the pressure is on Sophie to write and play a gig in front of the president of a big record company with a contract on the line.  

Shannon & Sophie Go To Whistler

Episode 3 | Season 1

After a disastrous first date, Sophie decides she's done with guys.  Shannon suggests they head up to their house in Whistler for a girls' weekend, but not before Gene prompts them to make a three-way bet.  No first dates for Sophie, no shopping for Shannon, and no tweeting for social-media-obsessed Gene.  Shannon's sure she can stand strong, but is tempted almost immediately by the stores of Whistler.  Sophie, meanwhile, runs into attractive men at every turn.  And Gene records a cute dog video he's just dying to share.  When Shannon finds Property Brother and old friend Jonathan Scott is in town, she's convinced to bid on items in a charity auction with which he is involved.  He insists it's a foolproof plan to drive up the bidding... but mayhem ensues when Shannon finds herself the winning bid on a ridiculously expensive item which she has to unload before the weekend is up.

Shannon Goes To The Dogs

Episode 4 | Season 1

When Shannon’s long-time friend Reuben show them a canine Gene lookalike at a local dog shelter, Shannon and Sophie agree to hold a dog adoption fair at Shannon’s house. Gene’s against the idea, knowing Shannon’s habit of adopting every dog she meets. She already has six! But Gene may be the one to fall for Pooch #7 when Shannon arranges for his doggie doppelganger to show up in unexpected places around the house.  Sophie turns to roommate Rachel for help in figuring out what’s wrong with the new guy she’s been dating, who seems too good to be true. 

Sophie Sings The Anthem 

Episode 5 | Season 1 

Landing a gig to sing the Canadian national anthem at a Vancouver football game is an honour for Sophie Tweed-Simmons, but when press coverage and online chatter converge with rumours of nepotism, a frustrated Sophie lashes out with a newsworthy slight of her rock star father. Shannon has lived in Gene’s rock star shadow for 30 years but her efforts to console Sophie are derailed by her hunt to remember a mysterious anniversary that Gene has clearly remembered and plans to mark the occasion with something spectacular.

Sophie Gets A Mortgage

Episode 6 | Season 1

When Sophie comes home to find a “for sale” sign on her lawn she knows it’s buy or move-back home.  But, despite the appropriate attire and a positive attitude, the banks aren’t biting.  Meanwhile, Shannon’s hoarder habits clash with Gene’s merchandise in a battle over turf at the Simmons' mansion. So, Shannon seeks the help of a professional, designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard, only to be told she must purge her prized possessions or lose yet another room to KISS paraphernalia. But when Shannon convinces Sophie to take a stab at her unusual technique for problem solving, the women come up with a win-win-win plan.

Sophie's Not A Size 2

Episode 7 | Season 1

When Sophie is replaced by a stick-thin model on a charity event poster, she tries not to feel hurt - but Rachel is incensed by the insult.  Over lunch, the girls joke about how little they'd have to eat in a day to become Size 2s - something that would never happen, as they're happy with their curves.  Sophie posts a joke photo of her new Size 2 'diet' online before heading for Nashville, where she is performing in concert with The Tenors.  But in her absence, rumours start to spread on social media, and Sophie returns to find the issue has taken on a life of its own.  As public scrutiny grows more intense, Sophie turns to Shannon for advice on living in the glare of the media spotlight.  Shannon's words of wisdom give Sophie an inspired idea for how to wrest control of her image back.

Shannon & Sophie Against The Clock

Episode 8 | Season 1
A side trip nearly costs Shannon and Sophie a red carpet appearance.

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June 20, 2014

You see this pair of rock royalty every week on the hit show Shannon & Sophie and you’ve come to know them inside and out. They wear their hearts out on their sleeves. But there are a few things about these two that may surprise you. Here are 10 things you didn't know about our favourite mom-daughter duo.

June 11, 2014
A glimpse of a day in the life of Shannon & Sophie, Packed full of interviews and photo shoots in Toronto, ON promoting their NEW show Shannon & Sophie aired on the W Network Tuesdays at 10 pm EST
June 04, 2014

Sex Marriage and Infidelity 2014 Exclusive -  Starring Shannon Tweed & Sophie Tweed-Simmons

June 03, 2014
Join Action Against Hunger for a screening and cast reunion of the Canadian cult film on Wednesday June 4, 2014 at the  TIFF Bell Lightbox.
June 02, 2014

Shannon Tweed admits that Sophie and Nick – her kids with husband and KISS rocker Gene Simmons - may have discovered a new way to rebel. Stay out of trouble.

“They’re 21 and 25 and they haven’t drank yet,” says the Newfoundland-born onetime Playboy Playmate of the Year. “I think Nick had a bourbon once just to look cool. And that’s it; they don’t seem to want to. I did everything under the sun.”

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