Sex, Marriage and Infidelity debuts film at Soho House

In a private screening room at the Soho House, Director, Writer and Actor Richard Finger debuted his first feature film, “Sex, Marriage and Infidelity” on Tuesday night in West Hollywood. This indie comedy stars Charlie O’Connell (“Dude Where’s My Car”), Alana Jordan (“The Blind Side”), Suzanne Sena (“Criminal Minds”),Shannon Tweed (wife of Gene Simmons), Sophie Tweed Simmons (making her movie debut), and Brooke Pascoe (“Australia’s Most Wanted” TV series).

This “Woody Allen” style comedy will make you laugh, cry, and in some cases, scream. Set in New York City where the streets are decorated for the holidays, the story quickly gets you hooked. Check out the movie trailer for a sneak peak.

“Sex, Marriage and Infidelity” is a tangled web of affairs on the big screen where only the audience has full knowledge of who’s really sleeping with who. Director and Writer Richard Finger brilliantly plays the CEO (Charles) sleeping with his secretary Johanna (Alana Jordan), while his wife Emily (Brooke Pascoe) is up to her own antics. With a cavalier attitude towards sex, Oliver (Charlie O’Connell) suddenly needs Viagra to keep up with his boss and girlfriend (Caroline Tudor).

And Charlie O’Connell got plenty of practice for playing Oliver when he was on ABC’s “The Bachelor” juggling women. When his world turns upside down in “Sex, Marriage and Infidelity”, he stays very calm and cool with a rippled chest that will make you look twice.

When the tables turn on Charles (Richard Finger), this movie could have been called, Dude, Where’s My Wife? His priceless expressions after sex and attempts to make up excuses to his wife and daughter had the audience in many LOL moments.

When asked about what people should take away from the movie, Richard shared, “The main message in the film is that every single one of the characters has some good points and some bad points. Everyone is flawed a little bit. In other words, no one is perfect. There’s no one who is all good and there’s no one who is all bad and that’s sort of how life really is.”

And what’s even more intriguing is how Forbes Columnist Richard Finger decided after the 2008-2009 economic crisis as a Wall Street guru to add Director, Writer and Actor to his resume.

When asked about his filmmaking journey that started in his home base of Houston, Texas, Richard explained, “It was first of all deciding to do a film…For the last 3-5 years, all the big studios put out is 'Iron Man' 1, 2 and 3 and there have been six versions of 'Pirates of the Caribbean', and we’re on who knows what 'Spider Man' now so I knew I wanted to do something dialogue driven. I’m a big Woody Allen fan because he is so dialogue driven so I just sat down and started writing.”

And from there, Richard explained that he Googled “screenwriting” and only found three listings in Houston. When the second group answered the phone, Richard connected with them so much that they became part of his production team.

Getting the cast was another big challenge, and he was grateful to have Shannon Tweed and her daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons doing her film debut. With Charlie O’Connell in the cast, Richard committed to making it a SAG production. And with a big smile, he explained how surprising it was to find out that SAG requires daily forms to show hours worked, what they ate, and what they filmed every day.

Big congratulations to Director and Writer Richard Finger and the cast and crew on this very entertaining film. And thanks for the cozy red chairs with footstools at the Soho House, which was the perfect way to watch this movie! Look for “Sex, Marriage and Infidelity” in film festivals soon, and keep up with all the news on their Facebook.

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